4 GRILLS x $54

How does the grill not catch fire?

It doesn’t catch on fire because you cook over coals, not open flames.


Who doesn’t love BBQ with friends and family? Now with THE BARBACOA GRILL you can do that anywhere you want and still take care of nature. There is no limit. This super convenient GRILL will allow you to explore the world and enjoy delicious grilled food. Pack some food, a bag of charcoal, and your super light portable grill to enhance your outdoor experience. You can grill anything in the outdoors. 

1 GRILL x $15


The Barbacoa Grill was designed having in mind how tasty food can be. The food is cooked with the heat of the embers, making it extremely tasty.


2 GRILL x $28


It is biodegradable. Make a difference every time you cook outdoors. Grill, eat, and dispose your grill in the recycle bin. You can also burn it. Leave your campground with peace of mind.

4 GRILLS x $54


The Barbacoa gives opportunities to those who are rejected by other employers.

Mother nature treats everyone equally, and so do we.



Over 20,000 Units already sold

The Barbacoa has already been a success in South America. In Argentina alone, it has sold over 20,000 units. We hope to bring this unique outdoors cooking experience to everyone. Every Barbacoa that is used is one less metal grill in a landfill. The food tastes better, you will feel better, and you will pack lighter. The Barbacoa is the ultimate solution for any adventure.


We are genuine lovers of good food and outdoor life, and to best enjoy these two fantastic things we created The Barbacoa GRILL. A biodegradable, light, eco-friendly, disposable, and portable grill. The idea was initially born in Argentina, in an industrial design university project. The task was to create a cooking surface that could be used in the outdoors using charcoal. In South America, we believe the most delicious way to make a barbecue is using the magical heat of coals, and because of it, South America does have the best barbecue out there.  


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10 GRILLS x $120

10 GRILLS x $120

Regular price $120.00

4 GRILLS x $54

4 GRILLS x $54

Regular price $54.00

2 GRILLS x $28

2 GRILLS x $28

Regular price $28.00

1 GRILL x $15

1 GRILL x $15

Regular price $15.00


So you're telling me the cardboard... doesn't burn?

Well, we want you to burn it! But only after you have finished cooking. As long as you are using coals and not open flame, the Barbacoa will last until your meal is done. Once you are finished, break down the grill and put it away, or simply ignite the coals and dispose of your Barbacoa naturally.

How much does the Barbacoa weigh?

Less than any other portable grill on the market. It will weigh less than the 8 oz steak you're grilling on it.

How large is the Barbacoa?

When it's fully assembled, The Barbacoa is 14 x 14 inches and sits about 8 inches off the ground. The Barbacoa will fold up to be about 1/2 inch thick, 14.2 inches long, and 4.7 inches wide. Basically, it's like carrying around a tall notebook and takes up hardly any space.

How many do I need for a trip that lasts for multiple days?

We reccomend using one grill for every 3 meals. Breakfast is sausage, lunch is the fish you caught, and dinner is steak. After three meals, the Barbacoa will begin to be less effective.